Four people, who met through Twitter once randomly planned to embark a trip to the mountains and valleys of Sikkim. The planning started in the 12th month of 2013 and by the 4th month of 2014, it became a reality.

Before you start off – I’m not a verbose person. This travelogue may contain present tense, past tense and many such grammatical errors or whatever you name it. Considering that I’ve drafted this while at the trip and edited it slightly after getting back to homeland, I hope you will excuse them. Also, all those ‘I-will-correct-your-grammar’ people shall stay away. The sole intention of this article is to share our experiences. Thanks.

11-04-2014; Day 1.
• 8.40PM IST. Ernakulam Junction Railway Station. My journey starts informally from here; from ERS to SBC. The train is five minutes late already. The trailer of Gangster is rolling on the station TV screens.
• 9.00PM IST, I board train #16316.
12-04-2014; Day 2.
• 7.10AM IST. First morning of the trip. Approaching Bengaluru. Train is running an hour late. Priyanka Sasankan (@chembarathi) is also in my same coach, opposite berth.
• 9.30AM IST. SBC. Over to cousin’s place at Yelahanka where I will be staying till evening. Priyanka took her bus to Archana Unny’s (@plainparanoid) and Aparna Unny (@MyThirdi) place.
• 6.35PM IST. As I reached the station and took out my mobile to call Archana, it hit my bag which I was carrying like a Kangaroo and fell off to break the touch in an artistic manner. Beautiful way to start the trip.
• 7.00PM IST. Boarding the YPR-HWH. Train #12864.
• 7.50PM IST. 15 minutes late. The trip starts officially.
• 10.30PM IST. Dinner – Rice, curd, pickles and a bit of salt which I bought from home. Homely food, you know!
• Played one round of UNO and now trying to get some sleep. An interesting thing which happened in between was the conversation with the Motta (bald) TTE. He was amazed to know that we are Malayalis (he assumed us to be Bengalis by our looks :D) and are from different parts, yet traveling together.
13-04-2014; Day 3.
• Pleasant morning. Slept well.
• Idlis, Podi, Sugar and Pickles for breakfast.
• Stopped at Vijayawada for the past forty five minutes. Started shooting some video footage. Pretty happy with the outcome. Played another round of UNO.
• 1:30PM IST. Lunch. There ends the 40 Idlis I’d packed. Another 16 which Archana had brought is still remaining.
• Boredom. Forced to play another game of UNO.
• Reached Vizag and bought 4 packets of Haldiram’s and 1 packet of Lays. The AC’s atmosphere is suffocating us with boredom. Even rounds of UNO can’t help us get rid of it.
• Finally got out of the train for two minutes at Srikakulam Road. That induced a bit of energy into us.
• Got back to the train. Another round of UNO. Duh.
• Music to the rescue. Aarente and Sundare. Hail Kappa TV. Hail Music Mojo.
• Slept.
• The last 16 Idlis for dinner. In other words, we have consumed 56 Idlis till now. Plus, one packet of curd.
• Two more games of UNO and we are off to sleep. Gotta get up by 5.30AM IST tomorrow.
14-04-2014; Day 4.
• 6.45AM IST. 35 minutes late. There comes an end to the 36 hour long train journey at the Howrah station. Gotta find some place to have breakfast now.
• Got out of the huge station. Walked here and there for a few minutes thinking on what to do next. Finally we decide to hire a taxi and head to Park Street to have breakfast.
• 7.15AM IST. Taxi, an yellow painted Ambassador. Driven by Bhathotos Saha. WB 04 F 3773. Mob: 09804331790. According to him, the British were actually nice people (though some are excepted) and if they still ruled India, things would have maintained properly.
• Such a nice man this driver is. Agreed to took us around and drop at the airport for Rs. 1800/-. Also, Malai toast for (light) breakfast. Later, he rode us through the Secretariat and many historical places. Went to Kali Ghat where we were not properly allowed to pray as we didn’t pay the Pujaris. Money matters, heh.
• 9.30AM IST. Victoria Memorial Hall.
• 10.30AM IST. Got out from VMH and roamed around MG Road for a while. Ambedkar Jayanti it is and no shops were open. Was hard for us to find a restroom or hotel. Had to consume samosas and milk shake from some bakery nearby.
• 12.15PM IST. Reached Kolkata Airport. Used the restroom.
• 1.05PM IST. Security Check. Ate some pastry, sandwich and had coffee from Coffee & more inside the Airport.
• 2.00PM IST. Boarded the fight. IndiGo 433. Supposed to fly by 2.25 PM IST.
• 2.45PM IST. Took off. Boredom is what we encounter for the next one hour.
• 3.15PM IST. Swift flight. Bagdogra Airport. 15 minutes early. The only thing I ever liked about traveling in a flight is the speed. From security check to wearing the seat belt, I hate everything else.
• Taxi (Innova) from the Hotel we had pre-booked was at the Airport to pick us. Over to Hotel Rendezvous.
• Scenic valleys all the way. Rivers that flow through add to its beauty.
• 6.15PM IST. Stopped somewhere in the middle and ate Momos plus Samosas.
• Getting dark. Fire can be seen here and there, over the mountains, as streaks. Beautiful.
• Big orange moon. Glowing river. Gorgeousness!
• 9.00PM IST. Hotel Rendezvous. Didn’t take dinner as we ate on the way.
• Slept early.
15-04-2014; Day 5.
• 6.00AM IST. First Vishu away from home. And that, in a hotel room atop the mountains. Mom just called to wish Happy Vishnu and told that hail fall has happened yesterday at Thrissur. Heh, I see irony.
• Archana gets a call from the Tour Package people asking her to come down to the lobby and hand over our details (ID Card’s copy and one passport photo) to them.
• Freshened up. A morning walk with Archana in and around M G Marg. Came back, had our breakfast from the hotel itself.
• 10.00AM IST. Checked out.
• 11.00AM IST. Waiting at the lobby for our cab driver. Saala is already late by one hour. Uh.
• 11.30AM IST. An Alto came to pick & drop us at a taxi stand from where we will actually start the journey.
• 12.15PM IST. After about half an hour of calling up and roaming around to find our vehicle, we finally found it and started off. A Mahindra Marshall driven by Tashi.
• Stopped at Tashi view point and some Seven sisters fall.
• Total rough and tough road. Muddy and jerky ride.
• 3.00PM IST. Lunch from Namok. Everest Hotel. Yummy and spicy food. Rice, Aalu mattar, aalu paneer, aalu fry, dal. It starts to drizzle.
• By this time we had started talking to Tashi. He asked whether if it is possible to get up at 3 in the morning, so that we can reach Gurudongmar Lake and return before the muddy-wind occurs.
• 6.05PM IST. Bhim Nala waterfalls. The best waterfalls we have came across in the trip. It’s getting darker.
• Journey continues. The road is making it one hellofanexperience. Tashi eats Supari at regular intervals and drives with absolute ease. Man, his driving – that’s something to admire.
• 7.00PM IST. Stopped at a military camp and had tea. Bought some 3-4 packets of Kurkure.
• 9.00PM IST. Entering Lachen. We were asked to show our IDs by the Army Guards.
• 9.15PM IST. Mighty Himalayas, glowing! Saw it for the first time!
• 9.30PM IST. Lachen, Yangla Hotel. As we were about to park our vehicle, the left front tyre went into the sewage pathway. All through the bad roads, we rode easily; but a small pathway, and that when we reached today’s destination. Seeing Tashi’s smiling face and his gesture for us to move in made us sad.
• Checked in. The amenities are much more than we expected.
• Just after five minutes we heard the car’s sound. Some 3-4 people took it out
• 9.45PM IST. Dinner. Rice, aalu gobi, dal, lijjath pappad with hot water.
• 10.25PM IST. Off to sleep. The blankets are like blocks of ice.
16-04-2014; Day 6.
• 2.00AM IST. Woke up and got ready by 3.00 only to find that Tashi is not yet up and we are unaware of where he stays downstairs. Waited and slept until his door knock woke us.
• 4.30AM IST. Started to the Lake from Lachen. Stopped somewhere in the middle where Himalayas looked like man-made Black and White carvings. One hell of a view. Took a few photos.
• 6.20AM IST. Stopped at a small home where we had hot tea along with Maggie. Made use of the fire to soothe ourselves.
• 7.40AM IST. Passing through an Army Camp.
• Somewhere in the vast & beautiful valley we lost our way and ended up in another Army camp. Went back and took the actual way to reach Gurudongmar Lake.
• 9.05AM IST. Gurudongmar Lake. 17100ft high. Low oxygen. Frozen lake. Sunny. Deep Blue Sky. Windy. Yet, beautiful. Yaks walking through the valley. Walked around, took photos and shot some video footage.
• 10.05AM IST. Managed to get back to the car, breathing heavily. On our way back, stopped at the same place where we had stopped earlier today. Used their washroom, bought Parle G biscuits and Gloves along with Face Mask for our next day at Yumthang.
• 2.30PM IST. Back to Lachen.
• 3.00PM IST. Lunch. Checked out and started off to Lachung.
• Showering lightly. Stopped at a Hot Spring Waterfalls for about 2 minutes and resumed the journey.
• 6.00PM IST. Lachung. Reached Sunflower Hotel and waited for about 10-15 minutes only to realize that we are at some other Sunflower Hotel.
• 6.30PM IST. The actual Sunflower Hotel. Warm welcome. Had tea and arrowroot biscuits. Slept for some time.
• Booked gloves, jacket and snow boots for rent (Rs. 125/- per person) as we had to go to Yumthang the next day.
• Dinner which comprised of rice, dal, pappad etc.
• Sat around and had a chat for about an hour.
• 10.30PM IST. Sleep.
17-04-2014; Day 7.
• 4 degree. Woke up by around 6, went downstairs and collected the jackets and everything. Had bread, butter and jam for breakfast.
• 6.50AM IST. Started to Yumthang. The road is completely covered with snow and it was still falling. Though I found it hard to use the camera, somehow managed to shoot some video footages and photos. Meanwhile, one of the car’s wipers stopped working as it was stuck in the snow which was falling.
• 7.55AM IST. Yumthang Valley, alias the valley of flowers; completely masked in snow. At some zero degree.
• Walked on snow, played for some time. Found that one of Aparns’s gloves had gone missing. It was with her by the time we got out of the car, so we were sure that it gotta be somewhere in our way. As we had hired it from the Hotel, we thought of going back to find it. So Archana and Aparna went in search for it, while myself and Priyanka waited. After a few minutes we found Archana returning. As we walked towards, we realized that Aparna had gone missing after finding the missing glove. But soon, we found her playing in the snow nearby.
• Walked around for some more time, made a small snowman with a cigar in his mouth, took group photo with the snowman, threw snow at each other and returned to our car. Two men were sitting inside with whom we had a small chat.
• Though we had plans to head to Zero Point initially, as it was fully covered with snow, we dropped it. But these two people asked us to go there. On a second thought, we found that to go to Zero Point is just a Rs. 2500/- task. More than the money part, to go there some time again, we have to come again all this way all over again. Heck – we decided head to Zero Point.
• 10.10AM IST. The road to Zero Point was almost the same. Kinda slippery due to snow.
• 10.30AM IST. 3kms down to ZERO POINT. -4 degree. Can’t proceed more as the road is all blocked. Yet 3kms down, you can actually call it Zero Point.
• 10.30AM IST. Tea and Maggie. Took another group pic.
• The road back to Lachung is all blocked with vehicles. The way is really small that only one row of vehicles can pass at a time. Contrary to that, there were two rows. Had to wait for some more time.
• 11.15AM IST. Return through Yumthang Valley. Though we see the valley covered in snow, snowfall has stopped. Glad that we were on the right time.
• 11.45AM IST. Shivmandir.
• Upon returning, we asked Tashi to pose for a photo with us. But as his dress was full of dirt, he asked us to postpone it for tomorrow.
• 12.45PM IST. Back to Hotel. Returned the items which we hired. Man, that was totally worth it. There was a time in Yumthang when we couldn’t sense the bottom of our feet and fingers.
• 1.30PM IST. Lunch. The same Rice, Dal, Aalu etc etc.
• 1.55PM IST. Returning to Gangtok. Tashi told us the in the midway, we will be deviating to a better road. Ha, happiness!
• 5.40PM IST. Stopped at a small hotel for tea. Took some photos. The owner was amazed to see a group like ours. Archana had a chat with him explaining why we are traveling and what we do for a living. Tashi, who had food from there, also paid our bill. Now think, which driver on Earth will show will to do that!? For many of our questions, he smiles. For this one too, his reply was the same.
• Asked Tashi to help us find someone who can take us to Rumtek Monastery and to transfer us from Gangtok to New Jalpaiguri (NJP) from where we had to take the train back to HWH. Agreed that he can do the former part and will assign someone else to do the latter.
• 8.30PM IST. Tashi drops us at Hotel Rendezvous. We asked him the rate for taking us to Zero Point (which is Rs.2,500/-). Surprisingly, he told Rs. 2,000/- The reason was – he was only able to take us 3kms down to Zero Point. Surprise, again!
• But anyway, we already had a plan to pay him an extra thousand bucks for his effort for the past 2 days. As we have already allotted Rs. 3,500/- in total for him, we paid him with the same. Without even counting he kept the money in his pocket and left!
• Checked in, kept our bags and decided to have our dinner from some hotel in and around M G Marg.
• Though we walked around for a while, we couldn’t find any good restaurants that served vegetarian food. And in the end, we ended up climbing steps to some Hotel & Bar.
• It’s been 3 days since I called home. Called Mom; was shocked hearing that my Peramma, who was suffering from Cancer passed away yesterday and Mom is currently there, seeing the body to be brought in. I felt low and hung the call.
• Planned to order curd and roti, but as curd wasn’t there, I had to opt for Fried Rice. Archana, Aparna and Priyanka ordered Momos.
• Golden Dragon Bar & Restaurant. Such a worst place to have food. Had to wait for almost 45 minutes to get our dinner to be served. Two set of people left the place after placing their orders just because of this time factor.
• Food, finally. Though I really don’t like to waste food unless and until there is a strong reason, I was only able to consume only 3/4th of it. Drank water, paid the bill and returned to hotel. On the way back, shot some night video footage of MG Marg.
• 10.20PM IST. Sound sleep.
18-04-2014; Day 8.
• 7.00AM IST. Woke up. Pleasant morning.
• 8.00AM IST. Myself and Archana headed towards MG Marg. Bought some souvenirs and then headed to the opposite side of MG Marg.
• 8.10AM IST. Stopped at some small hotel on our way. Super-duper BRU coffee.
• 8.40AM IST. Returned to the hotel and had a bath after 3 days! We couldn’t even think about touching water for the past 3 days, you see. Heh.
• 9.30AM IST. Breakfast.
• 9.45AM IST. We get the call from Tashi asking us to come down to the Taxi stand.
• 9.50AM IST. We meet Tashi who is wearing a red shirt, black jeans, brown jacket and red sneakers. DUDE!
• 10.05AM IST. Starting to Rumtek Monastery.
• 11.05AM IST. At some Waterfalls. Took some photos with Tashi.
• 1.05PM IST. Rumtek Monastery. We were asked to show our ID by the Army guardians who stood by the gate.
• 2.05PM IST. Returning to Hotel. On the way, stopped at a small-home-restaurant-bar. While I ordered Maggie, others ordered Momos.
• 4.30PM IST. Taxi stand from where Tashi took us a WagonR to commute between the hotel and Taxi Stand with our baggage.
• Asked Tashi about his rates for the day, but he ignored it and moved away.
• Went to the Hotel and realized that the check out time was at 11.00AM IST! Though they usually charge extra for cases like this, they didn’t want us to pay the extra amount. Hail you, Team Rendezvous!
• Checked out and got back to the Taxi Stand. Paid the Taxi wala a sum of Rs. 120/-.
• 4.45PM IST. Now comes the real part – The one who had to take us to NJP wanted Rs. 4,500/- as he was waiting only for us as per Tashi’s request. After 5 minutes of talk with Tashi, he agreed to transport us for Rs. 3,500/-
• Asked Tashi about his rate for the day and he said Rs. 1,500/- Paid him with the same. What he did next really shocked us – He gave Rs.1,300/- to the one who has to transfer us to NJP and kept the remaining with him! Seriously, one shouldn’t be this self-less! Uff. We felt sorry for him.
• We kept our baggage in and took our seats. Tashi asked Archana whether he can delete her number or not. Smiling, Archana she with a no.
• As we were about to start, he smiled and said ‘Miss You’. Man, my eyes started accumulating tears. *my eyes are still filling with tears as I type this from home on 22/04/2014.
• 5.00PM IST. We finally start to NJP. Leaving Gangtok with tears and memories. Tashi will be missed.
• In fact, I dedicate this whole trip to him, who was more like a friend to us. The man who ate Supari and rode us through the toughest of roads. The one who bought us tea. The one who said ‘miss you’ as we were leaving Gangtok. I found tears in my eyes. Tashi, my friend, we will come back, at least to meet you again. FOR SURE!
• Our new driver is a badass. Upon boarding the car itself he told that we won’t be reaching the station on time. The only thing we can do is to sit inside the car and pray.
• Half an hour had passed. While I and Priyanka still had hopes, Archana began to get tensed thinking about missing the train. Google Maps showed us an approximate 2 hours of ride but the roads are making it a tougher task.
• Though he can drive faster, we found the him to be purposefully driving slow.
• An hour had passed and we reached the border of Sikkim.
• West Bengal it is now. Getting darker. A few more kilometers and we were stopped! From about a kilometer ahead the block, we could hear people shouting. Sounded like a total mess. Archana made it sure that we will be missing the train now. But I still had hopes as we have time left behind. So is Priyanka.
• The driver went and inquired what the problem is. Came back and said that the block is made by the policemen who came yesterday for election duty, but has not yet provided with anything to eat. WTF! A place where the cops call for a road strike. Seriously, WTF man? WTF!?
• Now the only thing we are left behind is to just simply sit inside the car, waiting for the whole mess to end. By this time, the driver said that it is better to go back as we won’t reach NJP on time. I sensed his mind there – Saala wanted to get the money from us just by driving us to a small distance. Can claim that the traffic block caused everything. Whatay bastard!
• Moments later we heard songs nearing us. Upon looking outside we saw a newly wedded couple passing by. About a minute had passed and voila! – there moves the chain traffic block. What actually happened was – The policemen let this marriage people go; but then, the people around made this a chance and started to move! For sure, marriages happen in heaven!
• We get to be on a well tarred road. He is driving swiftly. Felt like we won’t miss the train which is at 9.15PM IST.
• By this time, we already started looking for train tickets. Found that there are no trains running to HWH after ours, we decided to check for buses (Through Jayakrishnan – @jaggs0022) that commute between NJP and HWH. Couldn’t find any. The driver told us that NJP is a remote area where buses are really less and no places to stay. So the next option we are left with is to book flight. Checked them via Prithvi Raj (@prithvirules) and found that only some 2 seats are available for Saturday; 20k-ish. Checked for Sunday and found the prices to be 30k-ish.
• One more hour to 9.15PM and the NAAYINTE MON driver starts to drag it again. Even though he can drive faster, he is moving at a speed of some 30-40km/hr. Fucktard!
• Whatever. We decide to pay him Rs. 4,000/-. We were only left with Rs.3,500/- Adding my Vishukaineettam from Peramma and Perappan made it Rs.4,000/-
• I gave my business card to Archana and told her to give it to him and ask to send his account details if in case he needs more money. Also, to wait 15 more minutes at the station so that even if we miss the train we can use the vehicle to travel to the bus stand or wherever it is.
• 9.15PM IST. Now the only possibility for us to get the train is this – the train has to be at least fifteen minutes late.
• 9.25PM IST. NJP Railway Station – FINALLY! Contrary to what the bhenchod driver told us, we could find good hotels to stay nearby.
• Instead of dropping us at the station, saala went to the parking lot. As he stopped, I carried my camera bag on shoulders and ran as fast as I could to check whether the train has left or not.
• Upon reaching platform #2, I realized that our train has left just 5 minutes ago! Now think, what if the driver gave a bit more of acceleration in the last 15 minutes? What if he didn’t purposefully drag? Ah, whatever – not a thing to think now.
• But to my surprise, there lies a HWH train in the next platform!
• By this time Archana, Aparna and Priyanka joined me. We asked to a few more people to confirm whether the train left or not – All of their replies were the same – YES!
• So now, the only option left for us is to travel in this HWH train which is in front us.
• As we walked towards the engine, we saw a TTE standing on the platform. Thought of explaining him our situation, and to enquire about the penalty we gotta pay if we travel withour tickets, we headed towards him. Archana, being fluent in Hindi, explained our situation. His reply was so cold that we felt like we killed someone! The penalty we had to pay if we travel will amount to Rs. 2,000/- in total.
• With only around Rs.700/- left as liquid cash (500 of the 700 is from my ATM Card’s pouch which I always keep as Plan B. Never had a chance to take it out yet), we stared each other.
• I asked everyone to slowly walk towards the engine so that as the train starts to move we can jump and get into some compartment.
• Just after placing some 4-5 steps, the train started moving. I looked back and saw the TTE to be slowly walking to board the train. A few more steps further and I looked back again – he boards. Few more steps ahead and I look back again to check whether he is spying on us or not. Seeing that he is not peeping out, I ran as hard as I could and jumped into some compartment. Followed by, Aparna, Archana and Priyanka also got in. *Only the next day when we were waiting for Durunto Express at HWH, I came to know that Archana, Aparna and Priyanka never had plans to board the train without tickets. They were planning to get a bus to HWH from NJP or do something else. All of them ran and jumped in only because they saw me doing the same. Heh, the story would have been different if they told me about it.
• Two steps inside the coach, we realized that it is an Army Coach. People around surprised to see 3 girls along with a guy appearing in front of them out of nowhere! Realizing that something is wrong, they asked us to take a seat. Archana explained what has happened and one among them told that this is Army Coach and hence TTE won’t come here for checking. But still, you gotta get down at the next station and get into General Compartment where TTE won’t come for checking.
• We sat there for about an hour, where we (especially Archana) had the most interesting conversation with 3 army guys. They were surprised to see us traveling without no elder people. One of them even asked her why she isn’t married yet! Told that they have a Malayali colleague who is still a bachelor; and if you are willing, we can think about it. 😀
• Was surprised to see our Hindi to be so fluent and pure and asked why aren’t we speaking Hindi as in Chennai Express. Heh.
• Surprised to see white skin people hailing from South India. No, seriously; they were!
• Got out from that compartment after an hour (at KISHANGANJ) and ran to the general compartment. On the way we saw a white zack being thrown out of a coach by the TTE to whom we had the talk at NJP station. Covered our faces and ran like anything and as the train started moving, we ran into S10.
• About 5 minutes after getting into the coach, the shutter behind us opened and another TTE came in. We explained our situation and showed the 720rs which we were left with. Told him that we are ready to pay the pending amount after reaching HWH. But after a talk that lasted for some 10 minutes, he left without saying anything. We stayed there until the train reached Barsoi Jn.
• Got out, ran into another compartment. Sat there for half an hour only to find the same TTE looking at us and walking by. After another 15-20 minutes had passed. He returned and told us to go to the General Compartment where no one will come to check for the tickets.
• Reached Malda Town by 1.30 AM and we got into the general compartment where Biharis were sleeping in uneven positions. Managed to sit somehow and slept on bags which were kept on our laps. And finally by 9.30AM, we reached HWH.
19-04-2014; Day 9.
• 9.30AM IST. First things first – We need money. Asked Priyanka and Aparna to get money from the ATM. Myself and Archana went in search for the platform from where we have to board the train back to YPR.
• Found that it is from Platform #21, which is in the adjacent building. Man, imagine a railway station having two buildings and heck number of platforms which are all crowded! Uff.
• Priyanka and Aparna resumed and we moved to the New Building. Had breakfast which comprised of Dosa, Orange Juice and Coffee.
• 10.45AM IST. Boarded the train #12245.
Already tired of writing. Don’t want to bore you anymore. Will make it short.
20-04-2014; Day 10.
• 4.00PM IST. YPR. MERU Cab comes to pick us.
• Reaches Archana’s house. Bath. Dinner. Over to Madiwala.
• 9.30PM IST. Board Kallada Travels; back to homeland.
21-04-2014; Day 11.



  • Stay at Gangtok for 14th and 17th:
    Hotel Rendezvous Private Limited
    31a National Highway
    Behind Telephone Exchange
    Above Ruchi Diagnostic
    Gangtok-737101, East Sikkim
    Telephone: +91 3592 206270, 206271, 206272 | Telefax: +91 3592 204626
    Email: [email protected] URL: www.rendezvoussikkim.com

PACKAGE for 15th, 16th and 17th.
ITINERARY NO: AT:23 ~ LACHEN / LACHUNG / YUMTHANGLACHEN(1NT)-LACHUNG(1NTS). ~ Duration: 03 DAYS / 02 NIGHTS. http://www.ankitatoursdarjeeling.com/destinations-north-sikkim.html


  • Water is your best friend. Even if you don’t feel like drinking, DRINK!
  • Carry money. Have backup. Don’t compare getting robbed to being stranded at a place without enough money.
  • Make a good and proper itinerary.
  • Proper time management.
  • Proper money management.
  • Carry only what you can carry.
  • Carry Address proof/ID.
  • Passport Photos.
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